A multi-talented and expressive artist, Silviya Georgieva – Sellvida, brings her rich cultural and practical experience to the London art scene. Silviya was trained and educated in Sofia, Bulgaria where she mastered in textile and graphic design at the country’s most prominent art and design universities. An artist himself, Silviya’s father nurtured her artistic side from an early age and raised her in a highly creative and inquisitive environment.

After a long and fulfilling journey in art and design, I decided to launch my own new contemporary porcelain jewelry line – MIS LAB 2106.

LAB as in a laboratory where ideas come together and morph into something fresh and new. My mind wonders, mixes and creates ideas, just like I am in a lab.

I have extensive experience in ceramics and am now applying this knowledge to this contemporary line. Not so long ago my father Stefan, who is a Master of Ceramics, shared some ceramic pieces that he had produced for a laboratory client. The moment I saw these wonderful and perfect round pieces, I got the idea of wearing them as jewelry and this is how the idea of MIS LAB came to life …. my dad laughed initially but after I made sketches and presented my entire line and concept to him, he agreed that it was a good idea and started production.Please fill free to follow me in IG:@mislab_london

Silviya’s passion lays in making collages – piecing together memories and extracts of her experiences on a canvas of colours, textures and shapes. Silviya collects mental and visual excerpts that she then puts together in a puzzle that reflects her perception of the world. Silviya views our beloved city through her positive and curious eyes – the power stations of Battersea, sunset in Fulham, a stranger’s demeanour.

Silviya is equally intrigued by the man-made and the natural – from seascapes to still life settings and Parisian rooftops, her pieces are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression with the viewer.

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July 2020 news

Art during pandemic competition

Some of my new artwork during the lockdown in London, UK was selected from the art team in The Washington Post story, which shows the 20 best art works created during the pandemic. More than 650 works took part in the selection.

Sellvida’s painting, published in the American edition, is entitled “A Quiet Place”.

“My collage is inspired by, and created during, the lockdown in London. This is me. My kid made a photo of me in the window when it was not possible to go out, and basically this was our hope and connection with the world, nature, surroundings. After that, I was inspired to make my vision of this lovely photo. I’m a visual artist and a mum, and it is really important to express my feelings.”, shares Selvida.

Future events:

26-27 September 2021 ArtCo19 Art fair, Platform A6, Sofia, Bulgaria 


Online exhibition at Russian Cultural House

37 Kensington High Street #1st Floor,London,W8 5ED

Distinguished artists Leonie Piladjian #Armenia-#UK, Silviya Georgieva – Sellvida #Bulgaria-UK and Natasha Arendt #Russia-UK are presenting their unique works of art, representing the culture of three different countries at the Russian Culture House.


NEWS: Welcome to celebrate open art day Exhibition with wine and cheese and latest  Sellvida artworks at Spaces Hammersmithfoundry, London on 3rd of October 2019

Art and Design during play "A Doll's House" at 
Theatre Technis, 26 Crowndale Road, NW1 1TT, London 
For more information visit link below
“TEN” (ten years of creativity)  SOLO Exhibition – Silviya Georgieva-Sellvida
Paintings and contemporary MisLab_London brand jewellery
 23 February - 9 March, 2018
“Sofia” Gallery,186-188 Queen’s Gate  South Kensington  London  SW7 5HL
(Tube: Gloucester road station, South Kensington station, Hight Street Kensington station)
 *Free admission
Press - Bulgarian National TV broadcast

August 2017 late Summer issue4 in Art Maze Magazine ,LA

Art Maze Magazine represented me on page 124 with my newest collage BROOKLYN BRIDGE – NYC which I been preselected from an amazing international art competition from faa famous Art curator in LA.